Kendall Jenner Create trick ’90s Fashion Trend Looks Stylish in 2016

Kendall JennerKendall Jenner not only make the eyes were on him as he walked on the runway, but also in the appearance of the model off-duty or when he performed daily. ’90s that was to inspire the fashion world had become one of the mainstays of off-duty style Kendall. For inspiration, this five styling tricks that can be learned from Kendall Jenner to make a ’90s style look modern in 2016.

1. Crop Top
In the ’90s, a favorite crop top stars like Gwen Stefani to Britney Spears. And the boss has become one of the mainstays perfect style to show off a flat stomach. Kendall Jenner also makes leggings as pants so commonplace for use as a crop top pair. But he adds volume with a jacket or coat for proportions.

2. Choker
Choker is an accessory to all appearances for Estee Lauder’s star.

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Jewelry Trends 2016 According to CEO Brand Jewellery France, Nicolas Bos

Nicolas BosTo look always stylish, women like to find out about the latest trends. A number of designers and fashion experts also have much to uncover forecast trends for clothing and shoes for 2016 since the end of 2015. And what about the jewelry?

Based on the runway world, crystals, chains, ear cuff up is predicted to be in demand in this fire bershio monkey. But not so according to the President and CEO of French jewelry brand Van Cleef & Arpels Nicolas Bos. Nicolas assess if in fact an accessory not remove trends from season to season as in fashion.

But in every decade or era, the women are generally interested in a form of jewelry. For this year, he said that if the return of the diversity of designs and stones in a variety of accessories as a trend.

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